A Tuna can, a camera and the Big Apple

What’s one of the first things that goes into your bag when you pack for a trip away? Surely a camera is one of those! Whilst the majority go away and instantly upload photos of themselves standing by a place of interest in that typical “LOOK AT WHERE I AM” pose. Upon visiting New York City recently, I thought of something different. A friend who had just left after we arrived forgot to eat one last tuna can. Inspiration found!

You cant get around New York without using at least one subway a day…

Natural history museum…more awkward to take this photo than you’d think!

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Relaxing after a long day….

At Radio City…the tin was excited to see Bon Iver live…


Times Square…one of the more sicker places on earth


Brooklyn Bridge…one of the definite highlights
You cant visit NY without gorging on shite…

Under the bridge

Central Park tranquility…

Coffee and lulz at the Rock

Ah howye Manhattan! 

On the Greyhound in Jersey

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  1. yek says:

    what happened to the can of tuna in the end?

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