Cue Annoyance: Seriously!?

Seriously? I have three items – you have a trolley!!

I was mulling over which of my previous instances would have been appropriate to use as this series’ first entry. Off the top of my head I had at least three – all of which having the honour of taking place in merry ol’ Lidl. However just yesterday, I had the unpleasure experiencing something that instantly took the biscuit over the three aforementioned.

Lidl Nutgrove is one of south Dublin’s newest Lidl’s, and I’ll admit it is by far the easiest to access, park and exit by car. Driving home from town on a Friday night, ideas of an easy Chinese teased me. Fortunately for my arteries, I happened to pass this particular Lidl before any local take-away.

All I wanted were three simple items. Chicken, breadcrumb and streaky rashers for a quick and easy stuffed chicken to accompany some veg already at home. Items found, I quickly made my to the checkout, praying all the while that the queues wouldn’t be too bad. Who was I kidding…this is Lidl after all; the supermarket that prides itself in never having more than two tills open at any one time.

It was here where it happened. Quickly spotting an opening at the till with the shortest of the two long queues, I made my move. Suddenly, appearing out of the hygiene aisle that’s adjacent to the tills (if you are a regular Lidl shopper you’ll know where I was instantly), a woman, her son and a HUGE trolley of groceries, no doubt all for the weekend. Cutting me off, she got into the queue ahead of me.  

Our eyes caught each other. Here I thought she’d be like the few decent folk who let those with a handful of items through before them. She didn’t, despite clearly seeing that I only had three items to her trolley-load. I stood there, angry and disappointed in one person’s selfishness. To compound this, the other queue continued to get longer as this exchange unfolded. All for the sake of six euros worth of stuff. How Lidl could do with an express checkout.

At least I didn’t overcook the chicken.

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