An ode to Marchena’s Molletes

Mollete, (N), a typical ciabatta-style bread made and enjoyed for breakfast.

I was introduced to this delightful breakfast last year by some of my former students – who have now become my good friends. I was curious to see if the mollete was the same in every restaurant/café i.e would they use the same toppings, would it be baked any differently. In fact, many restaurants in Marchena recommended their mollete with a certain topping, be it ajo rallado (grated garlic) and aceite de oliva (olive oil), jamón serrano or the local salmorejo (a bread-based Andalusian purée).

For this, I decided to take my phone out and record the experience. The below video became so popular, that the local Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) used it throughout their social media to try and aid tourism for Marchena. Enjoy!

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