Can you repeat that? A new series on life in the classroom.

I’ve been picking my brain for a while now, close to a year I’d say. Since arriving in Spain, I’ve dabbed in video, audio and photography – but very little writing. Something had to change.

For the last three years I’ve worked as a language teacher both in Dublin and Seville, and it’s something that I’ve enjoyed immensely. Each day brings something new, something weird, something funny, and something worth re-telling.

That’s when it all clicked. Why not re-tell these stories? If they made colleagues laugh, then why not an audience online? Why not friends and family back home? Why not teachers in other countries?

Finally, I am pleased to announce Can you repeat that?  as my new writing project. Can you repeat that? is a collection of stories and anecdotes from my time in the classroom. Each story you’ll read has happened. Each story is authentic, and some will even be guest-contributed from friends and loved ones.

Do join!

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