Dear Aneira

Three weeks ago you came to us, yet it has felt longer. I can still picture the day we picked you up; how gingerly you walked up the stairs you now race me on. You came in to our lives nervous, scared and wondering whether or not we were yet another temporary foster. Now, we can’t picture the flat without you.

I remember when we left you for the first time to go shopping. You cried, you yelped, and you scratched at the door. You were so relieved when we came back. No we didn’t abandon you, the fridge was just empty.

We threw you in at the deep end in terms of our work schedule. The three days prior to returning to work were intense. First we left you for 10 minutes, and eventually increased it to 6 hours. Your crying broke our hearts, all we wanted to do was give in and give you a cuddle. We were strong, and we are happier for it.

We hated leaving you for work initially. ‘Could she go for more than six hours? What if she has separation anxiety? What if we come home to a mess?’ In hindsight we shouldn’t have even worried. You were fantastic, you were patient, and most importantly you were already house trained.

Thankfully, you’ve settled into your routine quickly. I love how you come to me in the morning as I always wake up first. You are wise to not go to Siobhan, as she simply wouldn’t respond. Our morning walks are tranquil, and also a time to think, take in some fresh air and catch up on my podcasts.

I’m grateful that you get me up earlier in the morning than before. I now feel much more productive, and that extra hour often feels like two. Even though you just sit there as I work, or spy on me as I’m in the kitchen. Sometimes you want to play, others it’s simple a belly rub. I always give in.

And then there’s monster. Oh how you love monster. Monster didn’t cost much in Tiger, but it’s safe to say it’s gotten some mileage. You run to monster as soon as we walk in. I know, we can look, but we can’t touch. We must ask politely. You’ve successfully ripped its arm off, and we’re now counting down the days until we have to replace it.

There are some things that make us wonder about your previous life. Like leather, and how terrified you are of Siobhan’s purse. Were you hit with a leather belt?

Then there’s your combing brush. If only you knew we just want to make you look prettier. Were you hit with some kind of brush?

Finally there’s your obsession with bread. One day you sourced garlic bread from under a car, and you once refused dog treats in order to get breadsticks whilst we had dinner out. Was this all you were fed? I’m sorry baby, but too much bread will make you poorly.

I’m shocked how I’ve taken to you in such a short space of time, and how I wouldn’t change anything now. As you sit there between us, conked out after a morning of activity, it wont be long until its time to play again.

I look forward to it.


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