A Rescue’s Tail: Bookings

There were a few cons that were considered in the months leading up to adopting our Aneira. One of the ones that stood out was travelling, and more so travelling home together. The idea of putting any animal inside a cramped cage and loading them stressed and scared under a plane has never sat well with me, and the idea of owning a car to potentially drive home in via ferry still feels a while away.

With both if us now settled back in to a work routine, and Aneira reluctantly accepting the fact we both had to abandon her four times a week, we began to look forward to our first trip away together. Siobhan’s parents often visit in the autumn, and in a few short weeks we were about to welcome a whole new set of milestones; guests in the house, a car trip to Granada, and a dog-friendly hotel.

We found said hotel months previously. On paper, it was everything you’d need in a hotel for the trip we were about to undertake. Central, with parking, full breakfast and with no

Sunday lunch.

apparent qualms whatsoever in having dogs in their rooms. We considered ourselves lucky we found the place at the price we were due to pay over a holiday weekend.

A fortnight before travelling, we decided to get in touch with the hotel, just to get everything in order prior to arriving and make sure if there was anything we needed to have on us to check in with regarding Aneira. Then came a reply.

Yes, we are more than happy for your dog (maximum 4kg) to stay.

Hang on a minute. 4 kilogrammes? Aneira, being the medium breed that she is, is between 20 and 25. I replied almost instantly, hoping that a zero had been left out.

It wasn’t.

A maximum of 4 kilogrammes? It was the equivalent of an average bag of shopping, or my workbag with all my books in it.

Siobhan was incensed, citing the fact her sister’s rabbit weighed more than 4kg. Upon

Amongst all the stress, she couldn’t have cared less…

telling her parents, her father remarked, ‘four kilos isn’t a dog, it’s a rat.’ We now had less than 2 weeks to find a similar hotel on a holiday weekend and prayed it wouldn’t be through the roof.

A frantic search took in flats, apartahotels and hotels. The flats we looked at were central, but required a significant deposit before even collecting the keys, of which we were sceptical about. All the while, the possibility of not finding a suitable place in our price range started to get on our minds. It was then that we decided to cut our losses, and began looking outside the city. A hotel soon showed up.

It wasn’t the prettiest-looking, or even in the prettiest looking area, but it was however in the same price range. We gave them a call and explained our situation, and the receptionist on the other end assured us that they catered for dogs up to 40 kilogrammes. Just to be safe, I asked to confirm if it was 40, and not 14 – two numbers Spanish speakers sometimes have trouble pronouncing.

If you are ever travelling with a dog, call in advance!

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