A Rescue’s Tail – Visitors, Part 1


No sooner had we started back at work that we began to look forward to welcoming our first guests of the year (we run on an academic calendar here). Siobhan’s parents usually visit in autumn, and following our booking incident, we were just praying there wouldn’t be any further hiccups.

In the days leading up to their arrival, I was reminded just how bad we let the guest room become. In recent months, it became something of a dumping ground. Old boxes, winter duvets, and even old electronics I had completely forgotten to recycle! It took an entire morning to de-clutter, and a forgettable amount of trips up and down to the recycling bins at the end of our street.

Getting cleaned beforehand

Aneira was beginning to get suspicious; she always does when the two of us are up and doing things at the same time. First it’s a curious look from either her chair or the sofa, then if you went out of view you could be sure that you’d hear the clip clip clip as she arrived to check up on you and see you were still in the flat.

The visitors arrived on Friday morning. Fortunately, neither of us was working that day having worked previous Friday’s. We wondered just how Aneira would take to visitors coming in to her space, walking on her rug and sitting on the rarely used side of the sofa where she snoozes. In a way, we were lucky to have Siobhan’s parents be the first to visit her, given their lifelong experience of having dogs as pets. Had it been my parents, it may have been a little different.

She was anxious in the beginning, and restless. I’m no dog whisperer, but if I were to write a script for her, it’d be something along the lines of this: Who are these people? Why are they still here? I can’t relax with them here. I’ll nap here. No, maybe here. No, I don’t like this spot, as I can’t see both of them. They’re moving! Must follow! Must inspect!

I went to pick up the rental car the following morning while Siobhan and family did some last minute packing. Aneira remained restless, but was slowly getting better, just in

Who are these visitors you speak of?

time before taking her in to a car with us for the first time!

God knows what must have been going her head as we packed and headed to the car. There we were, bringing a rescue dog out of a place she had become accustomed to with a box of her toys and bowls, to a random car on the street. It looked as though we were surrendering her again, and her tail being unsure and down, it made it heart breaking, yet humorous at the same time.

Once we were all seated and Aneira had her harness attached to the seat belt, we set off for Granada, to our not-so-pretty hotel in the not-so-pretty neighbourhood just outside the centre. If only the crying puppy in the back knew where exactly we were going, and that she’d be returning to her sofa in just a few short days.

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