Aunty Em: Part 2

By now Aneira had become used to visitors, preferring those who stayed as opposed to temporary, such as Diego the electrician who came one afternoon to fix a faulty switch. In her world though, everything from the couch to the street door was hers, and any one new would be met with uncertainty at first.

The aforementioned wedding holiday never materialised. Confusing over dates coupled with ever-increasing transatlantic flights made the idea unfeasible. To excuse the pun, our August holiday plans had been grounded. Emma however was still keen on coming for a visit, to at last see Aneira, and to take advantage of Seville’s summer sun without fully knowing just how hot it got over summer.

By the time she arrived, we made alternative plans, which still meant we’d go away while Emma stayed and minded the girl. A road trip, which would take us from the north of Spain down to Seville over 10 days. Emma had the advantage of living with dogs her whole life. Animals can very easily pick up on negative energy and nervousness, and I often wonder just how nervous I initially came across as when Aneira first met me. Emma had no such problems walking in and for the first time, there was no barking whatsoever.

It wasn’t long until Aneira was up on the sofa next to her, taking full advantage of her new friend’s extra long nails which offered her one of the deepest scratches she had probably experienced in her life. Emma joked she was something of a dog whisper, and on witnessing how calm and at ease both of them had become in a matter of hours, you would be inclined to believe her.

For the two days until we left, we decided to carry on as normal in order to show Aneira’s routine from morning walk to receiving her medicine before bed. By now Aneira had become besotted with her new pleb with the special nails, and would come in from her morning walk and straight in to her room for a massage instead of normally going in to the living room to wait for her breakfast.

We left feeling secure and safe in the knowledge that Aneira would be left with the best of care. Leaving her at the door once again having caught a glimpse of the dreaded suitcase, we were to be greeted with a photo not long later being her usual self and eating normally – which we had become used to when one of us left separately.

A photo halfway through the trip made us wonder if she was missing us at all. There she was, on the rug with a chew either side of her, looking up and smiling for the camera. A lump formed in my throat. It was then that I realised I was beginning to miss her.

Though having the freedom to roam around cities and wander in to any museum or attraction without worrying what to do with a dog, it soon became evident just how much we missed her company, even if she was only curled up at your feet being her usual lazy self. Perhaps the next holiday away will be with her following a holiday without her; perhaps we could leave her with Aunty Em again. Either way, tiny one wouldn’t mind.


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