Little Madam

Aneira’s third spring in her new home crept up as quick as a walk on a rainy day. Staring at her nap one day, feet tucked up to her neck almost as if she was hugging them, neither of us could quite comprehend how quickly our time with her was passing. Two years of walkies, two years of cuddles, two years of a tail spinning to the sheer delight we at long last came home.

As mentioned previously, Aneira behaves with the seasons. Spring time, or Spring Nini, would see a sudden jolt in energy as she shook off the colder winter months. While still a dog who at times simply enjoys to sprawl and make some of the most dramatic sighs I’ve ever seen an animal do, we’ve discovered that Spring Nini also likes to…talk back.

We all know it, dogs crave attention. If not given it, you can be sure they will let you know. Aneira likes to take it to another level. Instead of coming to you, she likes to think that you will come to her. Like any type of behaviour, her way of getting her way comes in stages.

First, she suddenly realises she’s bored, or has a spot that needs scratching. Looking for the closest one of us to her, she proceeds to the next step by sitting in front of you, making sure you can’t miss those beautiful dark chestnut eyes. Assuming one of us is busy, on their phone, reading a book, or writing a blog post and the aforementioned has failed, she will then move on to the most powerful tactic in her arsenal – make noise.

What starts as a low grumble, can sometimes end up in to a full blown tantrum – and when you live in an apartment block surrounded by neighbours this often becomes a time when you sincerely hope those around you aren’t upset by the noise.

And how do you stop the noise? If you stand up and she backs away almost in an attempt to make you chase her, this normally means she simply wants to play, and following 5 minutes of playing catch daddy’s hand and the odd game of tug of war, she returns back to her comfies and chills. However, she has now added an extra weapon to her collection.

Two years is a long time for anyone, and if there is one thing Aneira has realised in her time in her forever home, it’s that the cabinet in the living room is, apart from a folder of important documents and some miscellaneous cleaning utensils, hers. Knowing where her treats are kept, she will sometimes after a tantrum of growling and barking nod her head in the direction of the IKEA wall piece. Whether or not this is a dog fully knowing what she wants and expects to get – you decide!

This is when it gets complicated. You want to be the good dog owner and be more like the one who doesn’t give in to a simple tantrum. It’s a trait you see yourself doing if and when you have a child, as you want them to know that making noise will get you nowhere.

Unfortunately it’s a little bit more complicated when faced with an animal you can’t reason with in an apartment with potentially pissy neighbours surrounding you. Try as we may at times, the noise and barks just become so loud, you just have to concede and let her win, lest to endure another five minutes before she at long last realises she won’t be getting what she wants.

Never mind, we can always get her back via the bath.




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