Poorly Pupper Part 1

We were now approaching two years with our beloved little oddball, and barring the odd vomiting of an ingested sock, or the poor reaction to a jab, she hadn’t until then given us any major moments of panic. Imagine said panic when one day completely out of the blue, she fell off where she had been snoozing, and entered full blown convulsions.

With her front legs shaking and with no obvious signs of strength to stand up, Siobhan leapt to the floor to get as close as possible to her. You can never prepare for moments like these, especially when they arrive unannounced. Unlike a human, Aneira could in no way communicate what the problem was; whether or not her chest was tight to indicate a heart problem, or if she had lost control in one side that would indicate a stroke.

Feeling powerless as she shook on the floor was perhaps one of the hardest things I had witnessed in quite some time. As Siobhan laid down next to her, cradling and comforting her as if she were a human child. All I could do was frantically search my phone for our vets number hoping they hadn’t closed for the afternoon, as it was fast approaching half past one.

Thankfully, one of our vets colleagues picked up on the other end, and kindly offered to stay open once we were able to make sure Aneira could either walk or be carried the 10 minute walk to the vets. As I hung up, Aneira was still on the floor, her neck arched to one side with no real sign of improving.

Siobhan continued to reassure her, and now had her arm under her neck to act as a type of support pillow. Encouraging her to try to stand with the help of a treat, Aneira managed a second or two before her back legs gave way once again. We were now beginning to panic whether or not we were slowly losing her.

Minutes passed until she was able to stand again. At last, her head and neck was back pointing the right direction. Aneira had now been standing for over a minute without any further collapsing. She still looked visibly weak, but now able to eat a treat out of Siobhan’s hand. Aforementioned panic was at last beginning to subside. It was then, that she did what we were waiting for: she quite literally shook it off.


Much like one of those you’re back in the room moments, that one shake gave us our puppy back. The energy had returned, the need for attention and pats too. As relieving as it was, we were still intent on bringing her to the vet, no matter how silly we’d look presenting them a seemingly healthy dog after all the panic on the phone.

Aneira in our short time has become well known in our vet for her behaviour that we rarely see in the house. Pick her up for the bath, grumble. Pick her up to be put on the vets table, love me, stroke ma belly. Upon arriving, I couldn’t help but jokingly introduce them to the sickly dog with the waggy tail and goofy grin. A quick going over, a blood sample taken, and she was given the all clear. Believing it to possibly be a type of idiopathic seizure with little known cause or reason, our vet Cristina told us to do what was only possible at the time: give her rest, comfort, wait for the test results, and hope it was just a once off.

If only it were that simple.



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