About me

What do you want to be when you grow up…

Unlike most while growing up, I had a more than firm idea, an idea that brought me to the school of media in the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2009. Four years later and countless freelance publications later, I graduated with a BA in Journalism with French.

However, that was to change.

2 years of low paid or barely paid work in media however began to take its toll. I decided to change tack, and move on. Going back to an earlier idea of becoming a teacher like those in my family, I decided to do a TEFL course in Dublin and through that ended up working in Seville. I spend the majority of the year teaching in Seville, and share my time in Dublin between both Christmas and summer – when it becomes unbearably warm in Andalusia.

There is something rather refreshing about teaching. While stressful, it can very rewarding. Rewarding being the key word here; something that rarely came my way in media.